Which vehicles are compatible with your LED Puddle Lights?

Answer:  All Ford & Lincoln cars, trucks and SUVs having the side mirror puddle light feature. (Excludes 2013-15 Escape)

Will your EDGE-2 DRLs work on my Edge SE?
Answer:  YES!  OUr edge-2 DRL is a plug & play solution on the Edge SE for the Edge SE. 

Which Edge models are compatable with your EDGE-2 LED Daytime Running Lights?  

Answer:   2011 - 2014 model years - All Ford Edge trim levels, including the SE.

How do I install my new Lights?
Answer:   Below are installation videos, photos and instructions on how to install our products. our products come with detailed written instructions with photos in the box.

What if I have questions before or during installation?
Answer: You can contact us by email or phone. Please try email first.  If you don't receive a timely reply, you can call Dan Smith at (913) 908-2122.

       Installation Videos
EDGE-2 LED Daytime Running Light


                          LED Puddle Lights
  5 Minute Install!!!



LED Tail Light Installation

  Dome Light Removal
   As with any changes on a motor vehicle,  
   you are responsible for abiding the DOT        rules/regulations pertaining to your                       vehicle in your area.

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                                Map Light Lens Removal
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